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Robert Harris
Version Date: January 23, 2010


After you have mastered the word roots and prefixes from my main word roots pages, you can further satisfy you hunger for knowledge without needing to order up a double double hamburger from In-N-Out (a local hamburger and cheeseburger chain).

Root or Prefix Meaning Example Words
agon to struggle agony, protagonist, antagonist, agony, agonize,
alg pain neuralgia, analgesic, nostalgic,
alter other alternative, alternator, alteration, altercation,  alternate,
am friend amiable, amorous, amity, enamored, paramour, amicable
ambi both ambidextrous, ambivalent, ambiguous, ambient
anim alive animated, animal, inanimate, animator, anime, animation, reanimate
anthrop mankind anthropology, anthropomorphic,  philanthrophy, misanthranthropology, anthropomorphic,  philanthrophy, misanthropy
good, well
euphoria, eulogy, euphemism, eugenics, eucalyptus, eukaryote, eurythmics, euthanasia
before, front
forecast, forefather, foretaste, forehead, foreman, foreboding, forecastle, forearm, forebear, foreclose, foredoom, forego, forefoot, foreground, forehand, foreknowledge, foremost, foreordain, forerunner, foresee, foreshoren, foretell
orthodontics, orthodox, orthopedic, orthoscopic, orthostatic
postscript, postconsumer, postdoctoral, posterior, postimpact, postfeminism, postgraduate, posthumous, postimpressionism, postlude, postmodernism, postpone, postproduction
before, in front of
prefix, predict, prelude, predetermined, preamplifier, predestination, prebiotic, preclude, predate, predisposed, preempt, preference, prefigure, prefrontal, preheat, prehistory, presell, presumptuous, prevent, previous, pretext, pretentious, pretend
propel, proceed, produce, promote, project, proclaim, procession, profess, proffer, professor, proficient, profile, profound, profuse, progenitor, progress, prolapse, prolegomenon, prolific, prologue, prolong, pronation, pronounce, propellant, prophesy, prophecy, proponent, prorate, proscribe, prosecute, prospect, protect, protest, provide, provoke
first, earliest
prototype, protoplasm, protohistory, protocol, protogalaxy, proton, prototypical, protozoa
approximately, resembling, to some degree
quasiperiodical, quasiparticle, quasi-governmental, quasi-scientific, quasi-judicial, quasi-stellar, quasi-public
beyond, extremely
ultraviolet, ultrasonic, ultramarine, ultrafine, ultrasensitive, ultrawide, ultrapure, ultraquiet
beneath, below, too little
undercoat, underwear, underestimate, underbid, underexpose, undercut, underclassmen, undernourished, underground, undersized, underhand, underlay, undermine, underneath,  underpass, underpowered, underline, understand, undertake, undertone, undertow, undervalue, underwrite

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End note: In my second year of Latin in high school, we were required to find twenty-five Latin word roots and for each root to find five English words containing the root. This exercise not only helped to increase my vocabulary, but it gave me a valuable insight into the way many English words are constructed. As technology advances, new words are coined to cover some new idea or thing, and often these words are created from existing roots. A little root knowledge here can therefore help us to begin to understand a new word even before we read about its meaning.

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