Number Prefixes Worksheet

Robert Harris
Version Date: February 5, 2010

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Directions: In each case, Use your knowledge of number prefixes to answer each of the following questions.

1. How many metrical feet in one line of a poem in iambic pentameter?  ____________

2. How many children in quintuplets?  _____________

3. If some molecule names include the number of carbon atoms in them, how many carbon atoms are in cyclohexane? _____________

4. In the old Roman calendar, the last months of the year were named after the month number, with December being the last month. How many months were there in the old Roman calendar?  ___________

Bonus: What month number was October?  ____________

5. A septuagenarian would be a senior citizen in which decade of life?  _______________

6. How many sides does a hexadecahedron have?  ________________ (Hint: Yes, you can add prefixes together.)

7. If a kilogram weighs about 2.2 pounds, how much does 10,000 grams weigh in pounds?  ________________

8. Which has more storage space: a 250 gigabyte hard disk drive or a 2 terabyte hard disk drive?  _____________

Bonus: If all the books in the Library of Congress could fit on a 20 terabyte disk drive, how many such libraries would fit on a one petabyte drive?  _____________

9. If you tell your friend, "I'll be back in a nanosecond," and he says, "Make it a yocto," is he telling you to hurry up or to take your time?  ______________

10. If an electrical power supply adapter has an output load capacity of 6 watts, how many routers that draw 1400 milliwatts each can it support?  __________________

Score: ______________

Bonus Suffix Caboose

Alpha. The process of making something small would be
A. miniful
B. minish
C. miniaturization
D. minidom

(For the sagely curious: look up the difference between minify and miniaturization.)

Beta. If Fred gives a test to Tom, Fred is the _______________ and Tom is the ________________
Choose the appropriate word for each blank:

Gamma. When a writer gives human qualities to an object, such as making a chair talk, the process is known as __________________.
A. personance
B. personification
C. personism
D. personistics
E. personatoring

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