Word Roots Worksheet 2

Robert Harris
Version Date: February 5, 2010

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Directions: In each case, write in the meaning of each root or prefix and then determine the meaning of the word. Write the meaning in the blank.

1.  A means __________________________     Syn means ___________________________

Chron means _________________________ 

Asynchronous means _________________________

Bonus: Which is NOT an example of asynchronous communication:
A. email
B. telephone call
C. blog posting and comment on it
D. snail mail letter

Double Bonus: A chronometer would be used for
A. testing blood pressure
B. cooking a roast
C. flying passengers to a heliport
D. telling time

2. Re means _________________________    Vert means ______________________________

So, in the sentence, "His cat reverted to a wild state," reverted  means ___________________________

3. Bene means ___________________________    Vol means __________________________

Benevolent means ___________________________

Bonus (again!)
The opposite of benevolent would be
A. inefficient
B. polyvalent
C. malevolent
D. benefactor
E. deterministic

4. Script means __________________________  Post means ________________________

So a postscript means _________________________

Bonus: What is the subscript in the chemical expression of dihydrogen oxide?  _______________________________

5. Auto means ___________________   Bio means __________________  Graph means ____________________

Autobiography means ________________________________

6. Cred means ________________________  In means _____________________

Incredible means ________________________________________

Bonus: If I give credence to your story, then I
A. add some funny details
B. make some impolite gestures
C. laugh at your wit
D. believe what you're saying
E. call someone else to listen

7. Peri means __________________  Scope means __________________________

Periscope means ________________________________

8. Miss or mit means ____________________  Trans means _______________________

Transmit means ____________________________________

9. Tele means ___________________________   Phon means ______________________________

Telephone means ____________________________________

10. De means ___________________________    Duct means ______________________________

Deduct means _______________________________________

Score: ______________

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