World Wide Web Research Tools

World Wide Web Research Tools
Robert Harris + November 20, 2015

Yes, I know that Google is the search tool of choice preferred by many people as their go-to guy when they want to know something or find a photo. But you ought to use a variety of search tools when you need to do an in-depth look for something. Besides, just because you have a really good pair of needle nose pliers in your toolbox, you wouldn't say you don't need a pair of lineman's pliers, too, would you? Or to change metaphors, just because you already have a really good pair of shoes in your closet, you wouldn't say you don't need any more shoes, would you?

So, anyway, moving right along. This is a list of search tools I use when I want to look something up. Whether you want to buy a car, find a personal fitness trainer, comparison shop for the best price on an iPod or iPhone or television, buy or rent a book, this page offers the tools you need. I try to respond to user requests, so if you have found a nifty site that performs searches or is specific to a popular subect, please let me know. 

E n g i n e s

Custom Search


Collaborative filtering, huge database. Excellent. Natural language search engine.
Large database, good results.  Search engine, vertical engines, directory.
    Visual search tool.
Web, Usenet. Speedy. Large database. Search engine from Microsoft.
Web, Usenet.  Directory. Large database. Metasearch tool.
Web, Usenet, news, maps, directory, yellow pages, company profiles. Metasearch tool. Site previews.
Search and directory, sports, news, weather, reviews. Deep Web metasearch tool.
Search and pictures, sound, news, software, rated sites. Performs metasearching on web, Usenet, FTP.
Web search and directory.  Search Engines Index Index listing of hundreds of search engines worldwide A search engine for students. Clustering metasearch tool.
Search engine for university sites. Results from several engines, tabbed format.

 D i r e c t o r i e s
Multiform site with directory.
 Online Books Page Full text of more than a million online free books. Directory created by volunteer editors.
Directory of expert guides. Excellent, easy to use directory.
"Information you can trust" run by librarians
 Finding Dulcinea Directory for students.

 R e f e r e n c e   a n d  D a t a b a s e s
Encyclopedia Britannica & Internet Guide. Search or read several English and other versions of the Bible.
100 encyclopedias and dictionaries. Almanacs, Encyclopedia, Dictionary.
Reference to find out how to find out!
Reference and Library site.
Database of articles and reference materials.  Complete Planet Hundreds of databases by category.
Another encyclopedia.  All Academic Journals & other free academic content.
Excellent dictionary, multiple sources. More reference works. Good.
Links to facts, encyclopedias, dictionaries, news, much more. Dictionary of Computer Terms.
A global encyclopedia.  Dictionaries and Thesauruses

The meanings of acronyms.
Extensive index of scholarly Internet resources. Wonderful list of specific links.

Science sites.

Search archived Web content.
Articles on philosophical topics. Community written encyclopedia.
Dictionary with word games and activities. Excellent.

 G r a p h i c s

Audio and film archive.
Image search from Google. Posters of art and photography
Huge, excellent, free photo site.
More than 100,000 art images.
Stock image photography.

Many excellent art works.
The U. S. National Gallery of Art.
Links to all the arts, including museums. Links to hundreds of online maps from library at U Texas.
National Gallery of London. Encyclopedia of art and artworks.

S p e c i a l t y
Directory of people, business, government, cities, more. Ask real people questions.
Directories by AT&T of people, businesses, toll-free, more. All kinds of study and search tools from many sites.
Find businesses, get maps and directions. Legal resources.
Yellow pages from everywhere.
Info on health, disease, nutrition, medicines.

P e r i o d i c a l s
Links to 100,000 newspapers worldwide. Abstracts and some full text of 200+ journals.
Links to all media.  


Keeps an eye on the news media.
News News and archives.
Magportal Full text magazine articles.

G o v e r n m e n t
Legislative information.
Gateway to many federal government sites. The U. S. Census Bureau.
Government info gateway. Gateway to statistics from many government agencies.
Index of government departments.
Hundreds of consumer information items.
Library of Congress American Memory.
Lots of government links.    

B o o k s
Includes reviews of many titles. Used, new, hard-to-find, and out of print books.
Lots of books. Book shopping bot with results from 20 vendors.
Lots of Christian books. All kinds of book information.
Buy or rent textbooks Book information, reviews, sites with reviews. Shopping bot for finding best price.
The University of California Library catalog. Books and other items.
Book shopping bot. Compare prices. Shopping bot to compare prices.
LibriVox Free audio books

M e d i a
Internet Movie Database with reviews.

N e w s
General News.
Emphasis on technical and computer news.
Links to 15,000 newspapers, TV stations, other news sources.

S h o p p i n g    B o t s

Compare prices on many items.
Compare prices on prescription medications at nearby pharmacies.

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