Resources for English Language and Literature

Compiled by Robert Harris and helpful friends
Version Date: May 20, 2006

General Sites

From the University of Alberta, this site features a dozen categories, including authors, literary theory, libraries and reference, journals and e-zines, and "literary cyberplaces."

Language (Dictionaries, Grammar, Linguistics)

OneLook Dictionaries
Almost half a million words indexed in 79 dictionaries, all one one page. Very good.

On-Line English Grammar
Look up grammar questions.

A good resource for grammar and usage.

Literary Texts (Novels, Poems, Plays)

Alex: A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet
A worldwide collection covering every age.

The On-line Books Page
Searchable by author and title. Browsing also available.

The Etext Archives
Etexts of all kinds: books, magazines, and even sections on religion and law.

Many classic literary works.

Literary Study and Research

Bantam Doubledy Dell
Information on and interviews with contemporary authors.

Reference works on literature and language, fiction, non-fiction, poetry. Searchable.

List of ezines in dozens of categories. More than 80 on literature.

Citation and Documentation Styles

Modern Language Association (MLA) Style Page

Special Topics

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