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Welcome to my Web site. VirtualSalt is at its core an educational site, containing resources for learners of all kinds--college and university students, whether on campus, commuting, or attending online, and those who want to get a university degree someday, people who want to find information and want a bit of assistance in searching for it. I  have divided the site into categories to help you navigate, but feel free to choose anything from any category that appeals to you. Also included are several of my fictional works, including a complete novel, The Million Dollar Girl. Get tihe novel in Kindle or print format.

What's New:
I've put a few of my books on in Kindle format as well as hardcopy. If you buy the printed version, the Kindle version is freee.
New page: Review of Harbor Freight Tools.
New game: WordCarom. Check it out. And the very latest games, Double Up word game and Axe a Word word game.
New Recipe: Angeled Eggs. Think Deviled Eggs are good? Tsk! Try these instead.
New this time are some additional Learning Strategies. We didn't get all of them done by year end, but we're rolling along. VirtualSalt is user supported. A dollar or two would be welcome. Thank you.


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